About US

Clal Diamonds Insurance Agency Ltd. Part of Cramim group
Enjoys years of experience in diamond, as well as other precious goods insurance - to include:
​Gems, Jewellery and precious metals. Fine Art and other valuable commodities.

We insure the entire chain of valuable goods  production and trade as from Diamond importer to  Jewellery Retail stores -or rather as from the mine to the customer's finger - in Israel and worldwide.

In "Clal Diamonds" we focus on Tailor made cover – according to the unique needs of each and every client - under the umbrella of - Jewellers' Block policy 

The professional and experienced team of "Clal Diamonds" will help in building the appropriate insurance policy and obtain the most suitable insurance cover.

Whether you own a jewelry store, diamond exporter, jewelry, diamonds, gemstones manufacturer - we at Clal Diamonds undertake to provide withthe most suitableinsurance umbrella for your specific needs, with attractiverates with high rated insurers. 


JEWELLERS' BLOCK is an "all risk" type of insurance, i.ecover applies for loss or damage to the 
Insured propertyresulting out of any cause whatsoever, unless specifically excluded.

Common exclusions are- infidelity committed by employees / customers, damage during process and as direct result therefrom,jewellery items whilst being worn, political risks, theft from unattended vehicle, natural disasters and consequential losses. 

Burden of proof to prove the existence of exclusion lies upon the insurers.

The insurance is not subject to"Average Clause" –i.e no proportionalpayment related to theproportion between sum insured and actual value of the stock ("Under insurance ")as usually exists in other types of insurance.

What exposures may be covered as part of the "JEWELLERS' BLOCK"?

Premises -Stock at the assured's premises (offices / factories /workshops, safes) in Israel and abroad.
Carrying-Stock whilst carried by the assured's employees /salesperson in Israel.
Entrustment -Stock whilst entrusted to third party (Contractor/ broker/merchant / customer) on Memo /Consignments and alike –in Israel and all over the Globe. 
Shipments-by Secured Air Cargo/ Valuable Cargo/ Personal transport/ Mail, courier companies.

ON TOURS -Stock whilst carried by the assured or Third party on his behalf abroad, including carrying to and from destinations and within any geographical limits agreed (ON TOURS) 

Exhibition and private shows.

Processing risk – cover against loss or damage caused whilst the stock is being worked upon 

Other products which Clal Diamonds may provide: 

We provide insurance solutions for art collections, galleries and the like, including cover for premises, exhibitions, shipments, consignments –Such as FINE ART DEALERS ALL RISKS INSURANCE

Political risks– cover against loss or damage resulting out of political hazards- such as war, terror, rebellions, uprising, whether this is covered under the Property tax scheme or otherwise.Cover may be extended to cover property overseas, as well as Business interruption cover.

Cash inTransit– For professional carriers, Safe deposit Vaults, treasury vaults etc.